We live in interesting times. What we are seeing today is considered to be the fourth industrial revolution. Digital Transformation is without a doubt a buzz word. However, it is the new reality for organizations, so far it is just unevenly distributed between countries, markets and industries.


Organizations need to enter the digital era to be able to compete and succeed in their markets. Failing to do so will sooner or later, often sooner, lead to failure. We have already seen many examples of this, large market leading corporations that does not even exist anymore. Do not worry, it is not too late. Organizations can still gain competitive advantages. It is still possible to do this as a strategic movement, rather than saving a crumbling structure.


We want to support organizations in their digital transformation journey. We know where to start, how to run the program and most importantly, we know how to succeed. Try us out, I can guarantee that this is a wise business decision if you want to be one of our future digital leaders.


I look forward hearing from you!

Nicklas Fredriksson

CEO & Founder

How we Can Help You

Together at the Top

As for all large transformations, organizations need a great plan. They need to make prioritization based on their position right now and, most importantly, make a few quick wins to gain momentum, to make the transformation work for them.


Getting that great start, setting the priorities aligned with the business objectives and get those quick wins, is exactly what we do best at Penguin Consultants.

Digital Transformation Program Support

Working Together

Inspiring and accountable leadership is essential for successful digital transformation. External support is a wise decision, but the sustainable change comes from within the organizations. Thus, the right leadership need to be in place before you even start.


Penguin Consultants are already today leading digital transformation, until the client organization is mature enough to do this by themselves.

Acting CDO

(Cheif Digital Officer)


We are certified LEGO(R) Serious Play (LSP) Facilitators. We have been delivering workshop for 20 years, with many different methods, all with good results.


With LSP we are able to increase the results considerably. It is a very powerful and innovative method for any type of workshop, strategic, tactic or operational. After all, you cannot open new doors with old ways. 

LEGO(R)Serious Play Workshop facilitation