The Penguin name

What started out as a joke about the number of penguins in cold, cold Sweden, where two of the founding partners were born, turned into something bigger. Penguins are some of the most highly adapted, specialized birds in the whole world. This is also true with Penguin Consultants, we are specialized in supporting digital transformation journeys, and spare no effort to achieve the highest levels of excellence!


Moreover, Penguins huddle to protect themselves from the very cold climate in Antarctica, a group of Penguins keep each other warm. We will always make sure that we, and our clients, are working together in our client´s best interest, there is no us and them, only we.


Last, but not least, Penguins might travel far but they always return to their nesting ground. We at Penguin Consultants know where we come from. Just as live Penguins we will do what it takes to “hatch the egg”. This is always our mission, to improve our clients at what they do, being more effective and thereby more successful.


All our client assignments start with establishing an overview of these three perspectives. Most of our clients already have good processes, are effective but want to be even better. This means change, but not change everything. A message that calms the client employees since change means a lot of work. It also means leaving the comfort zone, changing things that people in our client's organization knows well and performs good doing. This all requires them to be part of the change and a clear understanding of the change motives.

What is working?
A lot of what organizations does works great and should not be changed. Why fix what is not broken?


What can be improved?
There is no such thing as an organization where everything works just perfect and is fully optimized. Things can always be improved.


What is missing?
There are plenty of ways of working that our client´s organization is not using today. Best practices and frameworks provide an endless source of methods, improvements and inspiration to pick what is needed to reach the desired state.

Our way

No matter company size, market, maturity or level of excellence, we will always consider three different aspects when supporting our clients in their digital transformation journey: